May 19, 2021 by Mike

That’s Why Men Should Wear Perfume!

That’s Why Men Should Wear Perfume! - HATE ME LOVE ME®

Perfume - that's only for women. We have something against this cliché and explain why more men should regularly wear a good fragrance!

As a man who deals more intensively with the subject of fragrances, it is inevitable that at some point, you will ask yourself the question: Is this even a male topic? Is it even manly to wear perfume? Wouldn't a black shirt and lumberjack or, if need be, muscle-boy arms do, to remain entirely within the cliché? Isn't that a bit dandyish and over-the-edge, especially if you own several fragrances?

A fragrance is and remains a statement, underlining our style or even our personality - in each case adapted to the context. A creaky, balsamic incense scent to go with a black leather jacket, mysterious patchouli rose scent for the young man of letters, or a room-filling gourmand spice bomb in the club: in addition to the always resonating "wanting to be smelled," all of this is also a completion of one's appearance - in the best case, authentic AND socially acceptable at the same time.

Because contrary to some claims, we don't find perfume unmanly at all!

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