October 17, 2021 by Mike

How to Use Your Perfume Properly

How to Use Your Perfume Properly - HATE ME LOVE ME®

The world turns up its nose at too much perfume. Applied incorrectly, its beautiful aroma fades away. There are some mistakes when using your favorite scent - but these can be avoided quite easily.

Perfume is invisible but still constantly present. If we have finally found a scent that underlines our personality, it should also last as long as possible. So that we can count on the full impact of our favorite fragrance, it needs a few tips when applying it. And the effect of perfume is also related to how you store it: It's best to keep it dark and cool, at room temperature at most. It should not be constantly warm and humid in the bathroom. We recommend that you do not use an opened fragrance product for longer than 12 months. The reason: If the perfume has been open for a more extended period, the scent can change slightly. 

Always use the same perfume
Our nose needs variety. And not only because you are bored by the same scent. But mainly because you get used to its aroma and perceive it sooner or later as less intense. What happens then? Nothing good: We apply more and more perfume so that we can still smell it at all - until we finally float in a cloud of fragrance that seems unpleasantly penetrating to those around us. Therefore, do not use the same scent for more than four to five days, but rather alternate between different perfumes.

Spray on the hair
Yes, it's true; fragrance molecules last particularly long and well on the hair. The reason is the quite dry hair structure, which absorbs and stores the aromas unaltered. However, the disadvantage is that the perfume's alcohol makes the hair even more dehydrated, so scent should only be added to the hair in exceptional cases.

Rubbed between the wrists
Everyone knows this gesture: you put a splash of perfume on the inside of your wrist, press the other wrist against it, and rub the scent in. Mistake! Because fragrance molecules are sensitive. Pressure causes them to break and lose their effect. Therefore: Please never rub the fragrance.

Body lotion used
If you first apply a generous amount of lotion and then wet your skin with a fine mist of fragrance, you will unfortunately not enjoy the beautiful scent for long. Because body lotion has two disadvantages: First, it is often so perfumed that its scent competes with the perfume and leads to a distorted result. Secondly, body lotions contain nourishing fats that are good for the skin but make the fragrance molecules roll-off. Therefore, the favorite fragrance should never be used immediately after using body cream.

Fragrance concentration ignored
A distinction must be made regarding the intensity of a fragrance: With a concentration of 15 to 30 percent of fragrances, a "parfum" is the most intense version of a fragrance. In the case of "Eau de Parfum," the fragrance concentration is around 10 to 15 percent, while an "Eau de Toilette" carries only 5 to 10 percent of the aromas. Only an "Eau Fraîche" (Bodysplash) is even lighter; it contains one to three percent fragrance. Depending on which product you use, you should also adjust the dosage. While one or two spritzes are sufficient for a concentrated perfume, a body splash can be spread generously over the entire body.

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