October 17, 2021 by Mike

Driving Men Crazy With Gourmand Fragrances

Driving Men Crazy With Gourmand Fragrances - HATE ME LOVE ME®

In the perfume industry, gourmand fragrances come up with "eatable" fragrance notes. Such gourmand notes are, for example, chocolate, caramel, or cotton candy. Here you can find out why men love these scents on women.

All cultures adore sweet things.

Vanilla crescents, marzipan, chocolate, and baked apples: the cozy time of year is also the time of delicious scents. Fortunately, it's not just freshly baked cookies and Christmas markets that seduce with these aromas; many perfumes also smell deliciously of sweet desserts. Homey winter feelings to go - and without any calories.

"The olfactory sense is more strongly linked to our emotions and memories than any other sense," says scent maker & sociologist Mike Arens. It is mainly our imprint that we have experienced when smelling a scent. Psychologically: what we have been conditioned to when experiencing a scent. And hardly anything - by the way, this is true for and in all cultures - has more positive emotional connotations than cocoa beans and vanilla.

Since we are evolutionarily programmed to always "chase" the next meal, it is not surprising that gourmand scents containing chocolate, coffee or vanilla, and fruity accords make our hearts beat faster. That's why intense gourmand fragrances, such as Suicide Blonde Eau de Parfum, do just incredibly well on a first date.

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