August 17, 2021 by Mike

These Are the Scents Women Want to Smell on Men!

These Are the Scents Women Want to Smell on Men! - HATE ME LOVE ME®

Love goes ... through the nose. An info that you necessarily to heart not be any fragrances. We tell you which nuances make women go weak.

Oriental-woody fragrances have a mysterious effect
Oriental-woody fragrances such as musk or sandalwood are pure seduction. They are said to have an aphrodisiac effect, which supposedly every woman falls for. Because woody, slightly fruity-sweet notes make you mysterious. At the same time, these notes stand for concentrated masculinity, sovereignty, and seduction. Both components can be found, for example, in the Eau de Parfum Urban Legend.

Sporty fresh fragrances signal energy and willpower
Women want men who know what they want. Ambitious, determined, and full of energy. This is what women associate with so-called chypre fragrances because the fresh notes remind the female gender of a sporty fresh guy who radiates incredible elegance. The characteristics of this group are bergamot and the molecule ambroxan, as in the intense Eau de Parfum Guilty Pleasure.

How much perfume should I apply?
Please, not too much. To envelop women in a fragrance cloud of seduction, you should pay attention to the concentration of the perfume. An Eau de Parfum is stronger than an eau de toilette. Therefore, one or two spritzes of it are enough. After all, you only want to attract women, not suffocate them. With eau de toilette, you should also not spray more than four times.

Where should I apply the fragrance?
By the way: Not only the fragrance itself is crucial, but also where you spray it. Because a men's perfume only unfolds its full aroma on warm areas of the body with good blood circulation. The body heat activates the scents so that the fragrance can spread more intensively. The neck and wrist are ideal for this. But you can also apply a few spritzes to your hair, especially if you wear it a little longer. Through the dynamics, you can deliver the fragrance gradually. There is also a solution for men with skin sensitivities: spray your pocket square, tie, or scarf.

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