Every day a
sin on its own.

Our mission is to create a world
that beguiles your senses and awakens your hidden instincts,
a whole cosmo full of aesthetics, elegance, and sex appeal.

Contradictions that merge into a delightfully scented cocktail.

We are convinced that contrasts are necessary,
because the world becomes exciting through its polarities.

Contrasts are fascinating,
like day and night, like yin and yang.
They are sinful like Adam and Eve.

It’s like choosing wine, it will always raise debate.
Then go for champagne, that’s even better!
Life is too short to waste it on mediocrity.

Every day is a sin on its own.
Every moment is an electrifying moment.

Already on Mondays we are allowed to be sexy.
On Wednesdays we flirt like hell and we enjoy the pure passion on Fridays.
Sundays are reserved for the War of the Roses, just like in the movie.
Afterwards, would you like to make up while sipping a Cosmopolitan at the hotel bar?

There's no argument for resisting temptation.
The object of desire is in the eye of the beholder anyway.

Land in other people's beds or on different pieces of furniture without further ado.
Regardless, as long as the scent knows what it's doing.

How could it have come to this
Blame Marilyn, a handful of macarons and a plush bar in Paris.

Maybe it was the sensuality in the air, coupled with a breeze of obsession.

Obsessed with the idea of bottling sex, playing with shapes, colours,
and emotions and to spray the delicate mist of seduction to the four winds.

Words are sometimes unnecessary.
No one knew this better than Anastasia before she lost her power to Christian.

Our vision cannot be explained, only experienced and felt on our skin.

Afterwards, nothing is guaranteed to be the same.
Are you brave enough to follow the law of attraction?

This is our story

We don’t do
romance, roses &
Love it, hate it or
f*ckin’ leave it.


MIKE, who even as a child searched for secret formulas in the pharmacy.
Someone who likes to experiment and is out of the ordinary.

Confident. Creative. Someone a little bit obsessive.

Someone who would only abuse his power to make the world a more pleasant-smelling place.

His charisma? Neon orange instead of pastel pink. Gladly provocative, somewhat rarely rebellious.

Because authenticity is the new black, even Batman would never save the world in a casual look.

HATE ME LOVE ME® Lukas Ebster

LUKAS is not an egoist like in a book. A perfectionist and designer are the dazzling personalities that reside in him.

Not at all superficial and yet preoccupied with the beautiful shell.

Subtle. Straightforward.
The path to the goal is constantly in sight. A free spirit who looks over the edge of the usual.

Who else could make Black & White enchanted with a touch of yellow?

Or who else could grind controversial corners and razor-sharp edges to perfection with the talent of a craftsman?

Love it or hate it.
It is what it is.

It always takes two to create
tension and inspire fantasies.

Love and hate.
Courage and power.
Creativity and freedom.

The play of opposites that may not be opposites.
The law of temptation, which no one can escapes.

Privileged to
change your mind.

Our fragrances must be experienced on your own skin. The chance we offer our followers absolutely for free.

HATE ME LOVE ME® sees itself as a digital brand, and we fully support the philosophy of “trying then buying”- of course. Therefore we developed the HATE ME LOVE ME® Satisfaction Promise. Each time you buy one of our fragrances, you will get an additional sample fragrance sent home with your order. This sample fragrance is a personal gift for you. Should the scent not be to your liking, the unopened perfume can be returned, and you will receive your money back.