October 17, 2021 by Lukas

With This Brilliant Trick, Your Perfume Lasts Much Longer

With This Brilliant Trick, Your Perfume Lasts Much Longer - HATE ME LOVE ME®

Some fragrances fade after about ten minutes. For you to enjoy your scent all day long, all it takes is this simple trick!

The concentration of the fragrance oil/fragrance determines its durability. An Eau de Cologne (contains approx. 3-8% fragrance oil) fades relatively quickly, an Eau de Toilette (contains approx. 6-8% of pure fragrance oil) lasts approx. two to four hours, an Eau de Parfum (link SB) (fragrance oil content of approx. 8-15%) on the other hand should smell at least four to six hours. In the HATE ME LOVE ME® fragrance creations, we use a fragrance oil content of at least 18% to ensure an intensive fragrance experience.

If you want your perfume to last all day, an Eau de Parfum is advisable. By the way, you get the best scent result when you spray yourself after showering because then the pores are opened by the heat and particularly receptive to the scent molecules.

Beauty trick: Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or (odorless) body lotion to your wrists and neck. Then spray on the fragrance. The fatty layer serves as a kind of primer and seals the scent for several hours. On dry skin, the perfume, unfortunately, evaporates quite quickly.

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